Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Spendy Weekend

The weekend isn't over yet but I'm already reeling from how much we've spent so far. Not good at all.

It started when my mom called yesterday as we were getting ready to go to the SMX MOA travel fair. She said that their Ormoc-Cebu ferry had been cancelled because of bad weather so she asked me to rebook their Cebu-Bacolod flight that afternoon to Monday (there's no direct flight from Ormoc or Tacloban to Bacolod). Rebooking fee was Php1,500 with PAL and then multiply that by 4, so that's already Php6,000. Ouch.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Balay Indang at Indang, Cavite

Work has been pretty hectic these days, which is surprising considering that it's the session break. In fact just last week, I attended an overnight planning session in Indang Cavite. It was my first time in that part of Cavite and I was surprised at how lush and quiet it was, a far cry from one of my least favorite places, Bacoor. I thought all of Cavite was like overcrowded Bacoor, but apparently gems like Indang also exist within the province.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Guest Post: Seven Top Risks of Salary Loans

I found it interesting how someone working for a loan provider pitched an article for the risks of taking out a salary loan. But the fact remains that salary loans, when taken out by someone unaware of its risks, can easily morph into a hydra, growing more heads and becoming more daunting with the passage of time. No one needs such a monster in their presence, much more the loan provider that only wants to be paid back its money (with interest of course) at the end of the day. So before taking out a salary loan, be sure to think twice or even thrice about your decision, and when you do take one out, be sure to pay on time to avoid the high fees and penalties. 

Also, I am not affiliated with this loan provider, or any loan or service provider for that matter, so deal with them at your own risk.


Applying for salary loans in the Philippines can be an extremely daunting task. Despite the large number of loan providers out there, you always need to look out for the ones that have the best offers. In the Philippines, loans have high APRs (annual percentage rates) and these are usually overlooked by people applying for salary loans. APRs is just one of the things to consider when taking out a loan, here are some of the risks that you have to be aware of when taking out a salary loan:

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Renovation Phases

After countless delays and glacier like movement, my "money papers" were finally submitted to the accounting office so I should be getting my backpay in 2-3 weeks. Hooray! With money in the horizon, it's time to buckle down and start planning our condo renovation.

I initially thought that a budget of Php50,000 will be more than enough, but since just to have a doorway between the condo units will already eat up half of that (Php25,000 for a hole in the wall! Arayko.), I realized that our renovation plans will have to be done in phases, to make it easier on the budget and give us time to save up.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Capsule Dressing

When we moved to our condo and I had to make do with a significantly lesser closet space, I weeded out my closet of about a third of my clothes. Then when my son was born, of course he needed his own closet/dresser space so out went some more clothes. Unlike most women my age, I don't have closets overflowing with clothes, but when I started implementing the capsule dressing project, I was surprised to realize that I still had way too many pieces of clothing that I don't regularly use or use at all. For a quick read on capsule dressing, please click here

Friday, June 5, 2015

The End of My BPI Save Up Odyssey

I first got wind of BPI Save Up sometime in September last year and opened an account online a few days after that. Since then, I've followed up several times through the BPI phonebanker for my information card, had my delivery address changed because I moved jobs, consented to have the information card delivered to the BPI branch nearest me for pick-up, went to that branch to pick it up only to find that it wasn't there yet and FINALLY had it delivered to my house 8 months after I first opened my account. That's right. Eight. Months.