Budget Talks

Our monthly budget is something that I really should improve on. Just a cursory glance at the numbers shows me that there are a lot of savings to be still made here and there.

Here's a rundown of our monthly household expenses:

Fixed expenses:

Php1,300 - PLDT (internet)
Php1,000 - condo dues
Php4,000 - parking
Php10,000 - reimbursement of equity payment to my mom (1/20 paid)
Php3,500 - memorial lot investment (3/11 paid)
Php10,600 - PAG-IBIG mortgage (actually just Php5,600 but I have conditioned myself to pay more to wipe out the balance faster)
Php800 - Globe cellphone
Php500 - cable
Total= Php31,700

Non-fixed expenses (approximate)

Php8,000 - groceries
Php4,000 - gas
Php8,000 - eating out / entertainment
Php1,000 - laundry
Php500 - drinking water
Php200 - water
Php1,500 - work lunch
Php4,500 - electricity
Total= Php27,700


Recurring expenses
Quarterly - Php15,000 - life insurance/ mutual funds
    -Php10,000 - vacation
Yearly - Php16,000 - car insurance
    Php3,000 - property tax
    Php5,000 - car registration   

And then I try to squirrel away whatever amount I can to our emergency fund and invest in stocks too.

Looking at our monthly expenses in black and white, all I can say is thank goodness for the random bonuses from the Court, my husband's windfalls (which don't come with regularity, but when they do, they're usually more than enough to provide a buffer to our budget) and rackets.

For my next post, I'll try to analyze what aspects of our budget need overhauling (Hint: Eating out, grocery and electricity!!).


Anonymous said…
Hello Jill. I really like this blog. I hope you continue to do this as I find this very helpful. Im a 41 year old Mom to 3 kids age ranging from 3 to 11 and really they dont really teach personal finance in school (especially in med school as in tingin yata nila sa pagdodoktor ay parang pagpapari pagmamadre o pagiging religioso hehe).
You present things very simply and unintimidating (is there such a word?) and I would like to continue reading about your financial experiences. Looking back I wish I could have planned my finances a little better as saving is such a difficult thing to do. Thank you and keep it up.
Jillsabs said…
Thank you too for reading my blog :)

I agree, personal finance should be part of our school curriculum.
Iambrigitte said…
oh geesh, ikaw pala to jill! hihihi i want to learn how to be frugal ^_^
Jillsabs said…
Hi Jhengki!

Nagulat ka ba?:p
tessa said…
just wait until tuition and allowance becomes part of that budget (cue beethoven's 5th here). a huge chunk of our budget goes to that. plus what we pay the girl who looks after the house and the kid! whew.
Jillsabs said…
Hay naku, I'm still hoping Neneng comes back because she's the only one I trust to leave the baby with.

Grabe nga expenses for tuition fees no? It's a good think I actually enjoy working:p
Anonymous said…
ang laki naman ng electricity niyo
Jillsabs said…
Oo nga, nagugulat nga ako at how much we spend on electricity. Although by now we have brought down that amount to approximately Php3,500 per month.

We changed our aircon to an inverter and installed LED lights. But we do have hot water and the freezer door of our ref is busted, so cold air seeps out. If I had the budget, I would change our ref and I'm sure we can bring down our current electricity bill by at least Php500 more.

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