Much Ado About Moolah

I think about money a lot.

When we got married two years ago, my hubby and I found ourselves mired in wedding related debt. I mistakenly assumed that we could recoup our wedding expenses through our wedding gifts ("We prefer cash") and so we started planning and charging a majority of expenses for our wedding, because we were not able to save up for it.

Needless to day, the first few days of our married life were chock-full of lessons and realizations. This was further compounded by the fact that I began working for the government a month after we got married, and would only start receiving my paycheck about a month and a half after I begun working.

Oh, and my husband was also diagnosed with diabetes so that was another blow.

Fast forward a few months later and I had wiped out our credit card debts through some fancy juggling, a loan from my cousin, debt restructuring with the assistance of my brother and a whole lot of humble pie.

These days, I can pay my credit card bills in full; the car is fully paid; we are now homeowners of a teeny-tiny studio unit; and we have about 2 months worth of expenses saved up in an emergency fund. I also took out life insurance with my husband as the beneficiary, and I have begun investing in mutual funds and the stock market.

But I still think about money a lot.

While two years ago my goal was to eradicate debt while keeping body and soul together, these days, it's more about wealth creation. I have this dream of becoming a SAHM and running my sites full time, but I know that to do all that I will have to have a pretty tidy sum to dip into.

I created this blog as a venue to jot down my thoughts on all things financial that seem to be forever swirling in my head. And also because I have no one to talk about it with.

So there you have it, my not-so-lofty reasons for creating Frugal Honey.


Lyn Lyn said…
Hi there, Frugal Honey! I got your blog while listening to ANC last night. I'm starting here at the very bottom to learn more about you. I'll be one of your avid followers. Keep on writing and keep on inspiring more Filipinos! =) God bless you always and your family. =)
Jillsabs said…
Oh wow! I was wondering when they'd air that! We don't get ANC in our cable lineup so I hope they upload the show on Youtube. Promise, kinikilig ako :)
Lyn Lyn said…
Hi Ate Jills, ni-like ko ung FB Page nila, kaya na update ako sa mga shows nila. =) Nasa topic po yata na Lending to Friends and Relatives. Helpful tlaga ng blog ninyo. Eto pla ang link:
Jillsabs said…
Thanks so much! Pinagkalat ko na on Twitter and Facebook. Woohoo!
Lyn Lyn said…
Ha ha ha.... =D Congrats ulit! :)
Didi said…
I stumbled upon this blog just come I just found this now?

Money is something that not a lot of people like to talk about because it makes them uncomfortable. But contrary, I believe that we MUST talk about it.

Great blog! Will be adding you to my Reader :)
Jillsabs said…
Thanks so much!

And you're right. We need to stop talking about money in hushed tones and talk about it more in the open.
kat said…
Hi !! just want to thank you for being instrumental in opening my eyes and pushing me towards starting to plan and act towards financial independence,. I read your blog from start to latest and i have to say i leeearned a lot.. btw congrats for your bean, so cute..
Jillsabs said…
Hi Kat!

Glad my blog helped you out. Don't be a stranger now! Let's chat :)
Issa said…
oh my, why did i check this blog only now? i have been reading your beauty blog for a long time already, i think this is even better.... i think about money a lot too but i don't know how to invest it.... i hope you can help me.... i hope it's not too late for me.... :)
Jillsabs said…
Hi Issa!

Glad to see you here as well :)

It's never too late to become financially responsible. Ask away and I'll try to answer your question as best as I can.
edlin said…
hi, just found your blog yesterday and dahil sa yo, i was inspired to create my budget and be religiously frugal about it. and plan on settling some of my CC debts.

thanks to you. i also followed you sa FB.
Jillsabs said…
Great to hear that Edlin!

Best of luck on your road to financial freedom :)
edelweiza said…
Hi Jill! I enjoy reading your blog (esp. your posts on personal finance!) that's why I got to this part -- your first post. I think about money a lot, too! I even check my finances in an Excel file first thing in the morning. Luckily for my husband and I, we recouped about 50% of our wedding expenses because we received generous cash gifts from our wedding sponsors. But then, we incurred huge expenses from buying the essentials (and some luxuries) when we moved to our new home right after the wedding. At present, we're trying to live a simple life so we could raise more money for saving and investment purposes. :)
Jillsabs said…
Wedding related expenses are such a pain no?

Best of luck to you and your hubby in reaching your financial goals!

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