On Weekly Grocery Expenses

Our monthly grocery budget is Php8,000 or Php2,000/wk, and that disturbs me. Php8,000 is the average monthly salary of a rank and file employee, yet my husband and I treat the same amount as merely a grocery budget for our two-person household. What's even more disturbing is that we even sometimes go beyond our allocated monthly budget, but we still eat out a lot during the week!

Here's a breakdown of our last grocery bill:

Place: Shopwise, Sucat
Date: May 27, 2012

Foodstuff: Php1,617
Chocolates: Php1,276
Toiletries: Php352

Total: Php3,245

The chocolates are actually gifts for some of G's friends, so if we remove those, this week's grocery bill amounts to Php1,969, which is well within our Php2,000 weekly budget. Yay us!

 Our weekly grocery haul is usually composed of these foodstuff:
  • Del Monte tomato sauce
  • Purefoods corned beef
  • Century tuna
  • various brands of sardines
  • bottled pesto
  • Del Monte pineapple juice
  • Gardenia regular and raisin bread
  • Fruits: apples, bananas
  • Vegetables: potatoes (is this a vegetable?), carrots, bell peppers, chives, petchay, tomatoes, garlic and onions.
  • Chicken thighs in packs
  • eggs
I don't think we can buy canned goods at a cheaper price (or can we?), but I'm interested to see how much chicken, fruits and vegetables go for in the wet market. If there really is a price difference. Or did I just highlight my ignorance by saying that?
Anyhoo, I'll try to persuade the hubby to make a trip to the wet market soon, so I can compare prices and see how much we'll be saving every week, if at all. Field trip!


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