Stocks Update

After weeks of a sideways market leading to losses which reached -6% at some point, my stocks finally showed a profit at a solid 1.28%! Woohoo!:p

If I cash out now, I can buy myself a nice juicy burger or two, except that I don't eat fastfood anymore after my recent medical scare

Seriously though, it's great that my stocks are now on the upswing and one stock (MEG) is even slowly inching its way to the buy below price pegged by Bo Sanchez. If this trend continues, I can stop buying MEG in a few weeks and transfer my monthly budget to another stock.

Even CEB which dipped to -8% before is now at a more attractive -2.46% but it's still way under the Php90++ peg. 

My other stock was recommended by my insurance agent and it's sadly neither here nor there. Come on Mwide! Make me proud!

I know that long-term stock investing means that I shouldn't closely monitor my stocks because the daily performance won't really matter in, say, 5 years. But I just can't help logging in at CitiSec everyday to see my portfolio's performance at closing. I even jot down my stocks' performance on a small Post-It and then line these Post-Its on my filing cabinet for easy viewing.

Anyway, here's hoping that the upward trend continues but that a dip happens around the time I buy more stocks....hehehehe.


tessa said…
i wanted to invest in citisec years ago (i even have the application form until now!), but i never really knew how to keep track. i understand the starting investment is 25K? is it still that much?
Jillsabs said…
Citisec has this Easy Investment Program (EIP) where you can start with a minimum investment of only Php5,000. Supposedly, on the EIP, you'll only invest with their recommended stocks and invest on a regular basis, but I find that they're not strict at all. Once you're in the system, it's no big deal if you don't buy their recommended stocks or invest regularly.

It's easy to keep track of your stocks! You just need to log in your account to check your portfolio and all the data you'll need are already there (i.e. loss/gain per stock, loss/gain of your entire portfolio etc.). I'm addicted to checking out the status of my stocks every day, right at the opening of the market and then at the closing:p
tessa said…
really? it was 25k before. or maybe i was misinformed.

anyway, i invested in asset management with my insurance before, but i lost those because i wasn't paying attention and my insurance lapsed later. wasn't much, siguro 10k lang. still sad that i lost it.

maybe i should finally try citisec. have you had good experience so far?
Jillsabs said…
The normal account has a minimum of 25k, but with the EIP program, you only need 5k to open a Citisec account. So guess what I used hehehehe

My investments were up by 4.88% as of yesterday (market isn't open yet as I type this), but last week I was down by -8%. It really depends on which way the market is going.

I would say that I've had a good experience with Citisec because I'm learning about stock investing and I'm actually earning money, although honestly not a lot at this point.

I still don't know how to choose stocks though, and mostly just rely on Bo Sanchez's recommendations. Maybe in a few months time, after doing the necessary research and when I'm more confident, I'll start picking stocks by myself.

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