To inverter or not to inverter.

One of my mom's friends is thinking of buying the condo unit next to ours, so she dropped by our place to see how a dressed up unit would look. We started talking about the pros and cons of living in a condo unit, and eventually got to the topic of airconditioning and she was shocked at our electricity bill. She said that in her old clinic, they would have the AC on from 2pm to 9pm everyday and their usual electric bill amounted to less than Php1,500/mo.

She explained that their split type inverter aircon made all the difference, and right after she left, G and I started talking about getting an inverter aircon as well. The catch is that an inverter aircon costs around Php40,000, but it will supposedly pay for itself with all the savings it will generate in due time.

We won't be running to the mall any time soon and I intend to research on inverter aircons some more, but if we find a good deal (read: one that's discounted and can be purchased through installment payments), then it's a possibility.

For now, I'm thankful that the rains have finally arrived because this is the first time in months that we're sleeping without the AC on.


We own inverter ACs and it's a really good investment if you want to use the AC ALL the time.

Our Meralco bill on an average is 5k/month, and our AC is on 16-18 hours a day, include the lights, ref, 4 computers and TVs :)
Jillsabs said…
OMG. That's it. We're buying an AC ASAP. It's just as well that there's an installment sale at Abenson's (or Electroworld?) until the end of July:p

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