Grocery Update

When I last wrote about our grocery budget, I was whining about our staggering Php8,000/mo expenses and had plans of sourcing fruits and vegetables from the wet market, instead of the grocery store, in order to whittle down our food budget.

Well guess what, we never did stray from our suki supermarkets but our grocery expenses for the past two months have gone down to Php6500 for June and even all the way to Php4700 for July from our usual Php8,000.

Read on for our ultra-amazing, money saving technique.

In order to keep our grocery costs down, we simply went grocery shopping when we needed to.

Sounds deceptively simple right? But as it turned out, our grocery runs were becoming a weekly habit for us, something planned on a weekly basis whether or not there was an actual need to replenish our supplies just because we had trained ourselves to do so.

This is what usually happens:

Saturday morning

Hubby: We're out of eggs and bread.
Me: Ok, let's go to the grocery.
Hubby: Yay!

At the grocery

Me: (thought bubble) Since we're already here, we might as well pick up new cleaning supplies, whatever it is the promo girl is offering, that new shampoo that It-Girl is hawking etc. etc. etc.

When I realized this, we tried to make do with what we had first before running to the grocery for our weekly fix. And soon enough, we were going to the supermarket every week and a half, and then every two weeks, cutting down our grocery expenses by a good chunk.

Another food source are my parents who tend to overstock on everything (may pagka panic buying ang peg) and would weigh us down with fruits and foodstuff whenever we visited them on the weekend.

So here's what we do now:

  1. Come up with a menu- this is a no-brainer for us because we more or less eat the same stuff every week (i.e. Spanish sardines rice topping, baked chicken, chicken curry, bangus etc.). But since I've been preparing my lunch these past few weeks, I decide on my menu and buy the ingredients on our grocery date. This step keeps our spending on track and prevents impulse purchases.
  2. Be updated with ref and pantry contents- Before we go shopping, we make sure that we really need to do so. Makes sense right?
  3. Take advantage of the neighborhood sari-sari store- sure they jack up the price by as much as 50%, but between paying an additional 20p-30p for eggs and spending Php1,000 ++ for the extra stuff that end up in our shopping cart with a simple eggs and bread grocery fun, I'll stick with Aling Siony's sari-sari store.
My goal was to cut down our monthly grocery expenses by Php1,000-Php1,500, but just with retraining ourselves and without going hungry in the process, we have saved as much as Php3,000 per month. Yay us!


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