Money in Blogging

The dream is to blog all day long, writing about whatever strikes my fancy and then get fame* and riches in return, without sacrificing my voice and my editorial prerogative. But fact is, unless you're a celebrity, a personality or run a porn site, blogging is not the way to the comfy life. At least that's what my experience has taught me.

You can only get so much money with Google or Text Link ads, in fact even with three popular sites, we're lucky to scrape enough ad revenue per month to pay our hosting expenses, and I refuse to do pay-per-posts and their ilk because I don't know how to seamlessly integrate automatic garage doors and tube heating into my posts without sounding like a moron.

Not counting the monetary value of the swag I have received, I have only made Php6,000.00 in almost six (6) years of blogging because of a sponsored post. In fairness though, I have turned down a number of proposals because they involved skin whitening products or were not in line with my blog's theme, but even if I accepted those, my grand total would only be in the lower 5 digits. How's that for a return in investment?

But while my blog per se may not have generated income for me, my blog has put my name out there and is the reason why I now do copywriting for a foreign site and back-end support for an international brand. Of course, my rackets can hardly be categorized as passive income because I still put in the requisite hours in order to meet those obligations.

And I'm not the only one whose blog has opened different avenues for income. There are numerous bloggers out there who now sideline as makeup artists, do brand management or partner with brands as their ambassadors. So really, blogging can be a steady source of income, but if you think you only need to set up a blog and then cut and paste PR kits for the money to start rolling in, then dream on.

Think of your blog as your online portfolio, a showcase of what you're capable of and what you can deliver. Then when you do get a job offer, be sure to turn in work that you won't be afraid to claim as your own. If all this sounds too much like a hassle and too much like real work, then better invest in some implants and strike your best come hither pose, because sex always sells on the internet.

*I'm actually fine without the fame part, but the riches is a non-negotiable in my daydream.


You should include the items you get for free :) I'm sure they would add up to more :)
Jillsabs said…
You have a point, but I can't consider the swag as income because I can't spend it:p Besides, most of the swag gets distributed to my family, friends and readers so very little actually stays with me.
Liz said…
Hey Jill! Great post as usual. Yes, blogging has definitely helped me meet people and has allowed me to do work that I actually enjoy. Blogging can help you put yourself out there if it is done well and done consistently.

As for money that I have actually made in blogging - it's pretty good although it's certainly not regular. I think I made roughly six figures the first half of this year, mostly from direct advertisers and sponsored posts. But that's very deceiving. A sizable chunk of that money came from work done 4-6 months beforehand.

So yes I do get a lot out of blogging and I really really am grateful to the medium and of course to everyone who reads me. But it's not a walk in the park, something that a lot of people make the mistake of assuming.

I mean, I blog more than 10 times a week for chrissakes. It's almost like a job, but I can't consider it as an actual job because it takes up to half a year before I get paid for stuff that are few and far between to begin with.

So while there is the income factor that I consider - if I were to be completely honest - I do it mainly because I love trying out products and sharing my best finds. I like being helpful. I like being recognized for it. Getting paid for that is the best reward. :)
Jillsabs said…
It's funny how some people seem to think that blogging is easy and most bloggers are overnight successes no?

If they could only see the amount of time invested in maintaining a blog and coming out with posts on a regular basis then they'll probably get turned off by the whole blogging issue. Although the lure of events and swag is just too strong, so I highly doubt it:p

Great job with your blog Liz :)

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