Addicted to Traveling

We have reworked our food budget, ditched our non-energy efficient A/C, regularly sock cash away in our emergency fund and have turned my our back on impulse shopping. But in spite of all that, we still have a long way to go in improving our personal finances, simply because we still haven't owned up to our biggest vice: Traveling.

We don't have a lot of luxuries, but we are not deprived either, so I don't understand why my hubby and I always feel like we deserve to go out of town every other month or so. It's like we have programmed ourselves to believe that we owe it to ourselves to pack our bags and jump in a plane or go on a road trip every chance we can get.

Just this year alone, we went to Biliran, Baguio, Sagada, Cebu, Dumaguete and in a few days, we're off to Puerto Princesa Palawan. Every trip costs us around Php5,000-Php15,000, and that's already a very rough estimate because I would conveniently forget to remember how much we spent on eating out, souvenirs etc. etc. and so forth. I would say that we've spent at least Php60,000 on traveling for the first three quarters of 2012.
That Php60,000 could have been funneled towards our emergency fund, or part of it invested in stocks or mutual funds. Instead, we spent it all on traveling. But do I regret splurging on trips with my hubby? Absolutely not.

Lianne over at Wise Living said it well when she wrote that we should spend not just time, but also money, on our relationships. Traveling and spending time with my hubby will always be worth every peso spent. However, considering our financial goals, I think it's time we re-evaluate our spending, while still satisfying our wanderlust tendencies.

We've been looking at group deals for hotels and we decided that next time we'll try spending a weekend at a hotel within the city for a change (no plane fare to contend with!). After all, our idea of a vacation is a pool, a buffet and lots of sloth-like behavior. Leave the touristy photo-ops to some other couple.

And so while it hurts me to not take advantage of KLM's $888 all-in European promo, I know that all these financial decisions will result to us developing better financial know-how and all that jazz. Besides, I have a feeling that this isn't a one-time offer from KLM (crossing fingers!)


Lianne said…
Thank you for the mention. You are an angel! :)

And don't worry about the promo - they always say it's a one-time thing but it almost always happens again.
Jillsabs said…
You're welcome! And you're right about the promo, my friend says that KLM has similar promos every year during off-season. I think Paris during winter will be just as lovely:p
tessa said…
there is an all-in european promo?? where??
Jillsabs said…
Hello! It's from KLM but for flights originating from Manila lang.

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