How do I choose stocks to invest in?

To date, I pick stocks based on Bo Sanchez' recommendations and tips from my financial adviser. But from what I've been reading online, it seems as if there really is no guarantee when it comes to buying stocks. So in order to minimize risks, it pays to study the company, history, financial statements etc. etc., or sign up with the Truly Rich Club and have everything spoonfed to you:p says: Buy what you know. Start with an industry or a company that's familiar to you. 

That's precisely the reason why among all the recommended stocks in the Truly Rich Club, I gravitated towards Cebu Air, Inc. (CEB). Even if I only stayed a few months with Cebu Pacific, I was still impressed with Lance Gokongwei's vision for the company and the map they plotted to get there. Sadly though, despite this vision, my CEB stocks have been consistently in the red since I bought in last April. Let's go Papa Lance!

Another company that intrigues me is Manny Villar's Vista Land and Lifescapes (VLL). It's not part of the Truly Rich Club stock list, but there was a time in my professional life that I desperately wanted to be affiliated with Manny Villar (yes, I voted for him). When I was still with my old law firm, we handled one of Manny Villar's land cases and I got to chat with his accountant who had nothing but good things to say about his work ethics and how he treated his employees. I guess I just needed to be inspired at that time (still do actually), and he seemed to be the real deal for me.

Anyway, I will probably buy some VLL stocks soon because Manny Villar's in his last term as a senator, so of course he'll be focusing on his business and making money after that.

I know that there's a more scientific way of picking stocks, but as it is at the moment, I seem to veer towards stocks with charismatic leaders, essentially bringing out my fangirl side.


Hi Jill. Have you tried attending Citisec's free seminar on Technical Analysis? It will teach you to time the market so that you'll know when to buy or sell and what to buy.
Jillsabs said…
Oooh! I'll definitely look into this. Thanks!

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