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I removed my blog Kikay Exchange from Top Blogs about 2 years ago, because I was becoming too obsessed with ranking and I didn't like the pettiness it brought out in me. Also, but to a lesser degree, I was trying to limit the sponsored products sent my way for review because my face can only take so much before it declares a revolution on me. Most PR companies and brand managers don't scour the internet for bloggers and merely rely on Top Blogs for their listing, so I knew that removing Kikay Exchange from the listing will significantly lessen the product avalanche.*

But here I am again, joining the rabble at Top Blogs, but this time, it's not Kikay Exchange that's up for scrutiny, instead I submitted my personal finance blog, Frugal Honey.

I started Frugal Honey because there was a significant dearth of personal finance blogs ran by women in the local blogosphere. I appreciated Randell Tiongson and Fitz Villafuerte's blogs, but aside from Melissa Briones, there seemed to be no other female voice in the personal finance category. And when you come to think of it, aren't the moms/wives supposed to hold the budgeting power in their households? So why weren't they speaking up? That's why I decided to make my voice heard. Sure, it's squeaky and small, but it's still a voice nonetheless.

As I type this, Frugal Honey is now ranked 97 (page 2 baby!), rising slowly from its initial standing of 106. I looked at the Top 50 blogs at the Business & Finance and the unique hits ranged from 25,000++ (Pinoy Money Talk) to 226 (Hot Fun Stuffs). For now, to be able to make it to the Top 50, I need to generate unique hits of at least 45 per day. How do I this? Hmmm....maybe I should post naked pictures of Prince Harry?:p

Seriously though, I feel strongly about including Frugal Honey in Top Blogs because I want women to also talk about personal finance, financial freedom etc., in between conversations revolving around chismis, makeup, clothes and shoes. And this time around, I want to be noticed and I want to be quoted because I want more women to take control of their finances and shed their "bahala na si God/ boyfriend/ husband" mentality.

While we have more than enough fashion and beauty blogs floating around in the interwebs, there are sadly not enough well-written blogs on personal finance (really? Hot Fun Stuffs under the Business & Finance category?). So ladies, what are we going to do about that?

*I know that I could have easily said no to the requests but I really did like reviewing products, there just came a time when I had too much backlog and the PRs would constantly follow up/ hound me and I was tired of snapping at dealing with another fresh out of college young 'un. I don't want to generalize, but it always appeared to me as if those who merely relied on Top Blogs were the amateurs and newbies in the PR biz, while those who knew what they were doing would make their own search and respected boundaries (i.e. hindi nangungulit).


Kaycee Enerva said…
I removed my top blogs listing today on my site, i was getting too competitive and it's not good for my sanity. I will continue to blog and if PR get to discover my site naturally, all well and good. I can relate. Cheers.
Jillsabs said…
Glad to know I'm not alone :)

I hopped over to your site and I love your reviews! I'll probably pick up that Ever Bilena dupe for NARS Orgasm that you recommended. Thanks!

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