Meralco bill update

I wrote about getting an inverter aircon in this past post, and after much soul and wallet searching, we finally bought a Koppel 1 HP unit from SM Appliances.

The unit cost Php27,495, but we made use of SM's deferred payment plan, staggering the price to 6 monthly installments of Php4,582.50. I honestly thought the unit would run up to Php40,000, so paying "only" Php27,495 was a very pleasant surprise. What really hurt though was the Php7,500 installation fee that we had to pay upfront. Ouch.

Anyway, our Meralco bill arrived 2 weeks ago and there really was a decrease in our monthly electricity consumption. Take note of our July bill:

Now our August bill:

From Php4,228.85 (333kWh), our bill went down to Php3,436.80 (272 kWh)! That's a difference of Php792 :)

Admittedly, I expected more savings than that, but I remember that August was the month my hubby was bedridden for almost a week and spent most of his days watching TV. This month, our TV routine is back to normal, so I'm crossing my fingers that our Meralco bill will go down even further.

For even more good news, electricity rates are supposed to go down by Php1.73 per kWh this month (read news article here) leading to a potential savings of Php470 for our household (Php1.73 x 272 kWh) :) I'm hoping to whittle down our electricity bill to Php2,500/mo. and let it stay there for good. Hooray for saving money!


Mel said…
Just reading back on your blog entries. Since my sister and I share our electricity bills, expert na ako sa pag-determine which appliances contribute to our hefty electricity bills. Hehe

Basta the general rule is that any appliance that heats or cools burns more watts. So to save, minimize the use of aircon (obvious culprit), plantsa, shower water heater and clothes dryer. TV, surprisingly, does not consume much electricity as those other appliances. Neither do electric fans.

So kami, kung bearable naman, we don't use aircon na. Haha
Jillsabs said…
Kahit bumabagyo, naka-aircon kami. I'm married to Mr. "I need aircon every night":P

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