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I rarely get tapped to write a sponsored post, so when I was asked to write about Sun Life Financial's latest short film Sun Dance, on a topic that was very close to my heart (personal finance), all I could think of was: "This is great! Thank you Sun Life for subsidizing my next Maxi Prime premium payment!":p

When I first started reading about personal finance about two years ago, I was amazed at the wealth of information available. I would usually browse through the personal finance topics in Yahoo Finance and my favorite topic then was how to pay off my credit card debts as quickly as possible (two words: Snowball Method). I also got hooked on personal blogs where people openly talked about their household budgets, how they save on money without cutting out fun from their life. In short, I was getting into the frugal lifestyle and seeing that it wasn't that bad after all.

And soon enough, the random chitchat with my friends turned into long talks on investments, how we manage our respective households, what bank gives out the best housing loan rates etc. In short, we were on full-on adult mode and I couldn't have been happier. It was nice to have a support group both online and in real life whom I could talk with.

When I watched Sun Dance, I was reminded of my own friends and the personal finance community. No, we don't prance around restaurants like Ina Feliciano and her friends, but we're also always on the lookout for each other and always willing to share our knowledge and experiences, believing that financial success is not just for a chosen few but for everyone to enjoy. Besides, think of how lonely your journey to financial freedom will be if you were to travel solo.

My favorite local finance experts/bloggers seem to be genuinely nice people who are motivated by a sincere desire to spread the gospel of financial success as everyone's right. I am humbled at how accommodating they are and how willing to help out newbies such as myself, proving that the more successful you get, the more light you emit for others to follow.

Enjoy the Sun short and remember that when it comes to financial freedom, first you must believe that it's yours for the taking and then everything else will fall smoothly into place.

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