Stocks Update: Getting There

This week's stock market performance may have been generally meh, but my personal portfolio was pretty exciting as 2 stocks inched closer towards their buy below price.

SMPH actually surpassed its 14.48 buy below price earlier this week, I think it even reached 14.55 at some point, but then slipped back to 14.24 by the time the market closed for the week.

My hero stock, MEG, on the other hand is slowly but surely making its way towards the 2.50 buy below price, closing at 2.40 for the week.

The thought of actually selling at a profit is giving me chills of excitement! Huzzah!

Bo also issued a buy order for Ayala Corp (AC) and because AC costs Php430++ per share (mahalia!), I advanced my November budget just to be able to buy the minimum board lot of 10 shares. But it was a good move because I bought in at 434.3/share and now it's up to 439/share. I wonder if the buy order was triggered by AC's successful bid over the FTI property? Feel ko yun  yon.

Anyway, I hope either SMPH or MEG reaches its sell price soon because I'm feeling the AC loving and want to scoop up more shares. And by "more" what I really mean is merely 10-20 shares. Hello Ms. Moneybags!


Unknown said…
How did you start with investing on stocks? I've been meaning to try it but a little scared for now. So far, our investments are centered on mutual funds and time shares (which we don't plan to use anytime soon since we will be using them for future emergency expenses and for the Little One's college fund.)
Jillsabs said…
Hi Tin! I don't have the know-how to study charts or the guts to speculate on companies, so I subscribed to Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club and basically just follow his recommendations. If Bo says buy, I buy. If he says sell, I sell. Kinda like sheep really:p

I wrote about it here: and

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