MEG Unloaded

I've been tracking Megaworld (MEG) shares for the past few days now ever since my gains reached 25%. Today, my gains were at 28.8% and even if the price at 2.78, was still below the 2.87 sell price pegged by Bo Sanchez, I decided to sell all my shares. I wrestled with the idea of waiting for the price to reach the official sell price, but the difference between what I sold for and what I could have gotten with the official sell price was only Php700++ and the excitement of unloading my stocks for the first time with an actual profit (28.8%!!) drove me to sell, sell, sell!

From the proceeds, I added to my First Philippine Holdings (FPH) stash and bought Metrobank (MBT) for the first time. Both companies are included in the Truly Rich program because I have already learned that I am a ninny when it comes to choosing stocks to invest in on my own.  

What a happy day this is turning out to be :)


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