Smart Shopping

Fashion and the retail calendar are very predictable. With fashion, you can be sure that trends will be recycled with regularity, and with retail, you can bet your bottom dollar on two major events: the mid-season and post-holiday sales. Which means, it's now time to shop!

 Twice a year, I come up with a list of items to update my wardrobe and this time around, I have come to the conclusion that I only need a cardigan or two to stretch my pseudo-pregnancy wardrobe.

It helps that I've always been partial to knit dresses and stretchy fabrics even before I got knocked up, so I have more than enough to accommodate my growing belly. And with the hand-me-down pants from my sister-in-law, I have saved quite a bundle on maternity wear as well.

Another sale that has me all excited is the Our Home Sparkle & Shine sale, where Christmas decors will be disposed off before they go into storage for the year.

I am a frustrated homebody and my idea of porn is browsing IKEA catalogues and home design websites. I really, really want to stay at home and whip up menus, hold dinner parties, decorate the house for whatever holiday there is and create fantastic DIY crafts. My secret BFFs are Ina and Nigella.

To end this post on a semi-educational note, here are some shopping practices I have perfected through the years:

1. Know your body type and what works for you.
2. Develop your own personal style.
3. Don't be a slave to trends. There's no such thing as a "must-have" per season.
4. Splurge on classics, better to have one great fitting top or pair of pants, than several shoddy ones that will fall apart after a few washes.
5. Keep a tightly curated wardrobe.
6. Update your wardrobe during sale season.
7. Skip the cheap shoes and bags. 
8. It's just fashion, don't take it too seriously.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it was merry and bright :)


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