Truly Rich Club's Wealth Summit 2013

I hemmed and hawed a bit last night because I'll be 7 months pregnant by March and I was thinking of how uncomfortable it will be to attend a jampacked summit when you're lugging around a watermelon in your belly. But the 75% discount and the interesting roster of speakers really called out to me.

I slept over it and by this morning, there where still some discounted tickets left which I took as a sign and so with a few clicks later, I had a ticket for the Truly Rich Club's Wealth Summit 2013!

Here's what you can expect from the Wealth Summit:

11 Super Things That Will Happen To You At The WEALTH SUMMIT
Here is what you’ll gain at the TrulyRichClub WEALTH SUMMIT 2013. You’ll also find below the Superheroes of Abundance that will rescue you from the financial DANGERS around you:

  1. Explode The Invisible Financial Ceiling Over Your Head. Learn the Habits of the Happy Millionaire! Captain Abundance Bo Sanchez (Founder, TrulyRichClub) will defeat financial mediocrity in your life by helping you create patterns of financial success that all multimillionaires practice. Start a financial revolution in your life!

  1. Eradicate LACK (Never depend on your companys salary and retirement package alone!). Learn how you can create your MULTIMILLIONS by growing your money in the Stock Market; “Captain Abundance Bo Sanchez (Founder, TrulyRichClub) and Millionaire MakerEdward Lee (Founder and Chairman of the Board, COLFinancial) will teach you how you can make it your SAFEST investment in the world.

  1. Gain Simple Habits of Abundance. Be inspired by TV and Movie Actress and former Beauty Queen WealthWomanMiriam Quiambao who will share her exciting financial journey; Learn from her the simple winning habits and attitudes that made her abundant and how you can apply the same simple habits yourself! Youll be blessed listening to her.

  1. First things firstRemove all debt. Learn the liberating lifestyle that will get you to Zero-Debt in the quickest time possible. Learn the winning strategies of Financial Abundance from one of the most dynamic financial speakers in the country today, Money MultiplierRex Mendoza (CEO and President, Philam).
  1. Take your career to the next level. Move forward in your company. Get promoted. Perform your best! Learn from THE pioneer of the Call Center and BPO industry of the country, PioneerManBenedict Hernandez (President, Accenture) and Poverty Executioner Jon Escoto (President, LeadLife, Feast Builder, Light of Jesus).

  1. Convert Houses into Cash Cows. Find out how you can create passive income by buying foreclosed properties and turning them into money machines. Doctor RichLarry Gamboa, Ph.D. (Bestselling Author, Think Rich Pinoy) and “Megabucks ManRandy Manaloto (Founder and President, CityDorms Corp) will share the simple systems they use to make money in real estate.

  1. Turn your computer into an ATM. Find out how you can earn MONEY through an viable internet business; Money MagnetoJomar Hilario (Internet Marketing Guru) and “Doctor Rich Larry Gamboa, Ph.d (Author, Think Rich Pinoy) will teach you how you can become a highly-paid infropreneur.

  1. Earn Dollars While Working from Home. Learn how to become a dollar-earning Virtual Assistant. “Money Magneto Jomar Hilario (Internet Marketing Guru) will share how you can do this and the steps necessary to make this dream job happen.

  1. Start your own money-making business. Absorb the Entrepreneurs mindset needed for you to launch your very own profitable enterprise. Learn from the distinguished Asian Institute of Management Professor who runs 8 successful businesses, Professor $ Dean Pax Lapid. (He starts one business a year.) Teaching with him is another serial entrepreneur, Magic Man Ronnie Siasoyco (Founder, Trion—the biggest producer of electric meters in the country today).

  1. Enjoy And Have Super Fun. This isnt your staid, melancholic, boring conference inside a room. Youll have so much fun with this exciting speakers and exciting crowd! It will be out of this world; You’ve got to experience it to FEEL it.

  1. Receive an Anointing for Abundance. Captain Abundance himself, Bo Sanchez, will lead you into a special prayer for Gods abundance to flow into your life. So that you can be a channel of Gods abundance to this hungry world.
It might just be the hype or the fact that I've been drinking Bo Sanchez' Kool-Aid for the last few months (and that Kool-Aid led to an almost 14% growth in my stocks in 8 months!), but I'm really excited over the Wealth Summit. This is my first time to attend anything of this sort and I'm excited to be around like-minded and inspirational people.

There were still about 20 discounted tickets left when I bought mine, so if you're also interested, hurry up and grab your ticket to the Wealth Summit 2013 ASAP!


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