2013 Financial Goals

Two years ago, I read up all I could on personal finance and investing. Last year, I applied what I learned by dipping my big toe in investing in stocks and mutual funds. This year, with the baby coming and my planned maternity leave, I may have to tweak my investing routine, maybe slashing my monthly investment budget by 50% so as not to strain our savings. Still, I will continue investing because it has become as much a part of me as my grubby knees.

Here are my financial goals for the first half of the year, just in time for the baby's arrival. Beyond that, I'm simply playing it by ear.

1. Bank 6 months worth of expenses as our emergency fund (50% done).
2. Take out term insurance for the hubby.
3. Start thinking of ways to generate passive income.
4. Put together an informal basic personal finance session for friends. 

And that's that. Nothing major or earth-shaking, as I have long realized that overly-ambitious resolutions are doomed even before taking-off. It's the slow and steady that always gets the job done. 

Happy new year everyone!


tessa said…
it's that passive income i'm also thinking of! man, it's not easy.
Jillsabs said…
Yeah, my stocks and mutual funds are doing well, but I can't consider those as passive income because I can only get actual income from it if I sell them.

Must. Think. Some. More.
wow what a nice way to start the year. i also have lots of financial goals this year and i hope i can accomplish them all. i agree that it is better to stick to realistic goals than making overly ambitious ones.
Jillsabs said…
Best of luck on your financial goals!

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