Cake and Personal Finance: The Aftermath

This talk has been in the works for the past 2 months or so, with the idea spawned by friends asking me about financial matters and Lyn-Lyn's own mini-seminars with fellow Pinoys in the UK.

After setting the date and venue (thanks Kaka and Slice!) it was time to get my thoughts down and figure out how to make a poster and slideshow presentation.

Anyway, I tried to get my ideas across and I think I was able to convince some of them to finally try out investing at mutual funds and/or the stock market. There was a lot of laughter and sharing of experiences among the participants, so I'll have to say that Cake and Personal Finance was a success :)

  Thanks to everyone who came!

Cake and Personal Finance by Jill Sabitsana


Nice one, Jill! Like you, I was able to convince 2 of my colleagues to invest in mutual funds and UITF, and my bf to finally establish his own emergency fund. It felt good, like I changed their life or something. Hahaha! More power to you! :)
Lyn Lyn said…
Clap! Clap! Congrats, Ate Jills! :) I love the info na nasa presentation mo. Meron ba video nito, pra feel ko rin na andun ako? =) Thank you for referring me, but it's more of for YOU because you take the steps to share this learning. =) God bless you more, Ate Jills!

PS: Nung May 2012 ko pla gnawa ung mini-seminar, and nung umuwi ako ng Pinas just this December, I brought with me 8 forms ng fellow ofw ko pra submit ko sa brokerage firm. Total 10 lahat, because ung 2 naman, hnde na cla naghintay pa ng December, nag-international mail delivery na cla agad. And so far, it's good to hear na green ang portfolio nila, and I can sense that hope w/in them na: "Yes, my financial future is being taken cared of." =)
This is great, Jill! Hope you could conduct another one because I would love to attend! Randy and I have long been talking about finances and I think it's high time that I start educating myself formally about it. I'm looking at Mutual Funds, Stocks, and Forex (since some of Randy and I's friends are doing FOREX. (And they're doing very well financially too.))
Jillsabs said…
That was exactly what I felt too! Like a proud momma with teary eyes at the sight of her babies venturing out to make something of themselves, or in this case, improve their finances.
Jillsabs said…
Thanks Lyn Lyn!

And kudos to you too for helping out other Pinoys in the UK :)
Jillsabs said…
Hi Martha!

I would love to hold another talk but definitely not in the near future as it takes too much effort and time to do on a regular basis.

Why don't you start reading personal finance websites and blogs to start your financial education? I recommend Learnvest, Yahoo Finance and the blogs in my blogroll.
Lianne said…
Nice, ate Jill! Cheers! Sayang I wasn't able to attend kasi I had prior commitments - maybe next time? :)
Jillsabs said…
We should hold a joint seminar no? You can also share your experience with running a business.

Hay... kinilig ako with the idea but I know that I'll be too tired and busy in the following months to actually pull this off.
When you're ready for the next run, I'll be on top of the list please. :) Happy Friday, Jill! :)
Jillsabs said…
Of course! I'll keep you posted if and when a part two pushes through :)
Wow! Congrats!

Looks like you have a fallback career already! :D hehe

But seriously, great job. Me, I can write abou tit, but it turns out a dynamic one-on-one talk is still not in my arsenal :D So kudos to you for pulling this off!
Jillsabs said…

It helped that I was surrounded mostly by friends so the exchange came naturally and I basically just steered the conversation and ensured that the talk stayed on track (because girls have a tendency to go off-tangent on most things:p).

It was a very satisfying experience which made all the preps in the past few weeks worth it.

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