Catching My Breath

Whew! I think the fund juggling can stop now.

With my dad borrowing money from me for more construction work in our family's beach resort, and my decision to advance a huge chunk of the money I owe my mom on our condo's equity to subsidize their tickets to New Zealand to visit my sister who just gave birth, my emergency fund is shellshocked :(

So guess who's not taking advantage of the end of season sales? Or buying an Ipad or Nexus despite her hubby's prodding? Hint: Me!

Right now, the plan is to regroup and save, save, save as much as I can because May is D-Day or D-Month, to be more precise. Also, I really should haul ass to GSIS and get my ID (enough with the procrastination!), as well as go to a Philhealth branch and get them to explain why I am supposedly not registered in the system when I've been remitting payment for the past 5 years or so.

And while I'm on a roll, I also should start working on the basic personal finance mini-lecture for friends and some readers I'll be giving in about 2 weeks time.

Ok, the plan seems to be in place. Let's do this.


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