Hooray for points!

Ok, so maybe the title is a little too effusive, but I really am glad that I was able to convert my RCBC credit card points into credit to be applied to my current billing statement. My 8,000 points amounted to Php2,000 lopped off my existing bill. 

I'm sure I spent 10x of the credited cash to have accumulated that many points, but between a cash back plan or a rewards program with meh items (I'm looking at you Metrobank!), I'll take the credit any day.

To date I don't know of any local rewards program that is worth getting into. Before, the Rustan's Frequent Shopper Program with its Php600 credit for every Php20,000 spent was the most generous, but after they changed their mechanics a few years back, I lost interest and decided not to renew my membership (read post here).

I have two grocery cards as well (Waltermart and Shopwise), but I don't remember the rewards mechanics for those, which for me means that they're probably not that memorable as well. 

What I'm really excited about though are my Delta Air frequent flyer miles. With my last trip to the US, I accumulated enough points for a domestic trip anywhere within the US. Now the way I figured it, if I take Delta again to my cousin's wedding in Philadelphia next year (assuming I'm invited of course), I can just buy a ticket to San Francisco and use my miles to get to Philadelphia and save as much as US$500 in the process. Nice!

Anyway, time to get my head out of the clouds and finally do that poster for my upcoming mini-talk. Prepare to be amazed with Photoshop skillzzzzz!!!!


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