SMPH has it all for you!

It's strange how Bo Sanchez hasn't issued a sell order yet, when SM Property Holdings (SMPH) has hit the sell price of Php17.00 2 days ago. Either the sell order slipped by me or there will be a new sell price announced soon.

Anyway, whether or not a sell order will be issued, I won't be selling my SMPH shares yet because my gains haven't reached 25% yet. I'm not sure if I'll be sticking with this resolution, but for now I have decided to only unload stocks once they reach at least 25% gains. As of this writing, my SMPH gains are just at 22.8% so I won't be selling just yet.

Updated (1/26/13)

Oooops...I stand corrected. A sell order for SMPH was indeed issued sometime December of last year. I wonder how I missed that?

Oh well, anyway the issue is moot because even with a sell order, my gains haven't reached 25% so I won't be selling just the same.

I'm also toying with the idea of simply holding on to my SMPH stocks and see where it leads me, as a commenter suggested. Won't it be thrilling to see my gains ascend to 50% or 100%? Ack. I should stop now before I go into a paroxysm of kilig. 


If you an spare the funds, you can just ride out the bull run too, if you like.

For example: I think AC was another stock on the list, and there was a sell order late last year. It's trading sideways right now, so the sell order was not bad. But it looks to be heading up again. So if you stayed, you could make more. Same is true for most stocks. Plus, that's how buffet does it:D (well ok, he doesn't just sit on it...)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm just rambling to say I think staying with SMPH might be a great idea (just don't take it against me when if dips:D)
Jillsabs said…
I've been thinking of that as well. I've been mulling over just staying with a stock regardless of a sell order, and it looks like SMPH is as good a stock as any.

As long as I get my 25% comfort zone, it really doesn't matter if it "drops" to 30% a year or two from now. And how thrilling would it be to get a 100% gain right? :)
Lyn Lyn said…
Ate Jills, nag-issue ng sell order ng SMPH nung dati pa (months ago) the first time it reached 17. :) Then the next day, biglang baba sia sa 17. hahaha... I had SMPH few years back, sana pla nag hold ako. It was around 11 plng that time. :) Bumalik ulit ako ky SMPH when it hit the 16.5+ just recently, and whoooping wow na it breaks na the 17.5 mark! :) Yahooooo! Go, SMPH! =D
Looks like your decision already proved you right! :D hehe
Jillsabs said…
IKR?! My gains are now at 28%! Amazing.
Honney said…
My SMPH gain now is at 28% but I am holding on. I'm just not sure if I should add more shares this month.
Jillsabs said…
I'm at 30.5% with SMPH! So exciting :)

I'm holding on til 50% though, or if prices suddenly drop and it makes better sense to sell SMPH to be able to buy bargain shares, then I will sell SMPH in a heartbeat.

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