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I have always maintained that one of the best things you can do yourself financially-wise is to educate yourself and devour all the information you can get your hands on.

I started by reading personal finance sections and websites, then moved on to books and TV shows. This time around, I'm in the mood to attend seminars so I have been on the lookout for various lectures around the Metro. Here's what I've compiled:

Truly Rich Club's Wealth Summit 

This is a two-day event at the PICC and is something I'm really looking forward to. I think there are still tickets available but I doubt if there are still discounted ones to be had. I bought mine with an insane 75% discount (read post here), but even with that, I still felt a little queasy typing in my credit card details because it was the first time I ever spent that much on education. Still, I have a strong feeling that it will be all worth it :)

TGFI (Manila) Bulls Session

Lyn-Lyn brought this one-day workshop on the stock market to my attention and I wasted no time securing two seats for myself and my hubby.  

Imagine, two weekends blocked out for financial education. Nerd alert!

RFP's Financial Fitness Forum

This is another seminar that I'm really interested it, the only problem is Bean is scheduled to pop out around that time (first 2 weeks of May), so I don't think it's prudent to be gallivanting far from my hospital at that point.

Incidentally, being a registered financial planner has officially made its way into my bucket list. I'm not sure if I'm ready for a career change, but at the very least, I will have moral authority to butt in into other people's financial business ("Are you a certified RFP? Well I am. So sit down and shut your mouth!").

Inspiring Excellence

Ok, so this isn't technically a seminar on financial education, but it does talk about excellence and leading life to the next level, the very frame of mind that one should be in when plotting her map towards financial success.

Besides, I heard Francis Kong is an excellent speaker.

Whether or not you attend seminars or go at it at your own pace by self-studying, the point is to keep on learning.

Happy weekend everyone!


Carlos said…
Those are definitely great seminars!

Does that mean you'll be sharing even more information and advice with us? :D hehe
Jillsabs said…
Of course! Sharing is caring.

I will definitely post about my takeaways in the 2 seminars I'll be attending.
Lyn Lyn said…
Nice, Ate Jills! \(",)/ The group is now busy with the Market Outlook. =) Have you seen the latest video from ANC OnTheMoney? The group was featured there just this Wednesday. The video is not yet available in YouTube, but some of the guys were able to take videos of the episode and uploaded it on our group page. :)
Go, Jill! I'm an RFP myself, though I don't make a living out of it, hehehe. I took it for personal use and sometimes to give financial advise (for free!)
Jillsabs said…
I'm so behind on watching ANC On the Money, I really should get to it ASAP. I'm subscribed to their Twitter account and the recently uploaded videos seemed interesting.

Can't wait to attend Market Outlook 2 weeks from now! But before that, Truly Rich Club summit muna :)
Jillsabs said…
Did you take those RFP classes? I was tempted to but it was for 7 or 8 successive Saturdays and I didn't want to tire myself out too much, seeing that the scheduled classes would stretch way into my third trimester.
Yup, I took the classes July last year (Batch 28). After I completed the program, I wrote a case study and presented it to the panel. The program runs for 8 consecutive Saturdays from 8-12 noon at Oakwood Hotel in Ortigas.
Claudine said…
Nice.. that's my goal as well but only when I jump the boat and quit my job here to return to the Philippines. Scared right now.
Jillsabs said…
Being scared over a decision is always good, that means you're ready to leave your comfort zone :)

Good luck to both of us then!
Anonymous said…
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