More Good News

My personal fave is number 7- "The Philippines now has more money in its wallet than the amount it owes." Now if the same thing will also hold true for the average Filipino, meaning he/she has more money in savings or in investments than what he/she owes, then that would be absolutely awesome!

Number 8 is a little painful for me to be honest, and I bet for other dollar earning people as well, because a part of my income is in dollars, so having a strong peso means I get less bang for my dollar's buck. On the other hand, that also means that my peso has more buying power now so I'm currently practicing dollar hedging as suggested by Fritz Villafuerte.

Anyway, even if I lose a few hundreds of pesos every month (my dollar income is not that substantial to be perfectly honest), my portfolio more than makes up for it. So it's still all good.

Rise and shine Philippines! The sun is bright and there's no perfect day than today to make things happen and make your life better.



I can actually feel the good news. Lots of my coworkers are getting excited about the economy and are investing.
Jillsabs said…
Now that's my type of good news :)

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