Organizing with Printables

One of my biggest pet peeves is wasting food. Yet time and time again, as I clean out our fridge, I find spoiled takeaways or other foodstuff lodged in the back, forgotten and happily rotting away. Eeeew.

The usual suspects are takeaways because it seems as if the moment we stick them inside the ref, we forget that we ever brought them home. But surprisingly enough, pizza never ever goes bad in our house, which just goes to show what our favorite food is:p

Anyway, I've been mulling over how to prevent any more food wastage from happening and found my solution with IHeart Organizing's freezer inventory system. The system I devised is way simpler though and my printable is not as pretty, but it gets the job done. So far, I have limited my refrigerator list to takeaways and leftovers, and use a simple In and Out method to track food.

It's been an effective tool so far, although I'm hoping to create an actual three ring binder filled with organizing printables, like this one from IHeart Organizing, and not merely slide the sheets inside a clear file.

I also printed out IHeart Organizing's Cash Check-In printable and it has been quite useful in helping me track down what we spend money on. There's also a monthly budget printable for sale, but I'm hoping to come up with my own version to better suit my needs.

With D-day coming up soon, it's imperative to account for every centavo spent and come up with a strict household budget. Clearly, I'm in control freak heaven and all I need right now are some washi tapes and a labeling machine for my aspirational DIY projects, so that I can die a happy woman.


Whoa, way to get organized!

I use a combination of phone reminders and a small notebook myself. But your way sounds much cooler!
Jillsabs said…
I tried logging my expenses in an Excel file before but it just didn't work for me. I like jotting things down on paper too much. I'm so old school:p

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