And I'm Back!

Things have been a little quiet in these parts of the woods because we didn't have internet access for almost a week. For some bizaare reason, our PLDT DSL just suddenly decided to die on us and despite daily calls to the 172 DSL hotline, no technician from the PLDT business center was deployed to check on the remote box thingy or our DSL. 

The irony of it all though was that the PLDT business center was just across the street from our condominium compound, and yet there we were, begging and pleading on the phone for some magical technician to materialize and fix our DSL woes.

Somehow, 172's numerous reports never got to the business center and on the 6th day, the CSR promised to personally follow-up the business center and call us up for a feedback. He was candid enough to say that no one was answering on the business center's end. So there you have it, PLDT needs to have its phone or email checked. Sheesh.

Last Sunday, we finally got fed up with all of the promises and swung by the PLDT business center ourselves (as I said, it was just across the street). The office was empty, but we saw a guy beside a service vehicle and asked him if he was a technician/lineman. When he said yes, we gave him our phone number and address and basically begged him to check out our DSL.

Yesterday morning, someone from PLDT actually called up and by lunchtime our internet was restored. And we made that happen ourselves, no thanks to 172.

I wanted to end this post with a personal finance twist, to at least make it fit this blog's theme, but I couldn't think of a smooth way to transition it. So let me just end by saying that it's important to be proactive and that I'm already looking into other DSL providers because really, the past few days have been very stressful and could have easily been avoided if only PLDT had its head screwed on straight.


Lyn Lyn said…
Personal finance and investing twist: Buy some TEL shares and enjoy the dividends, Ate Jill. :-) PSE just released today that TEL will give Php112/share cash dividend. Ex-date on March 14. \(",)/
Carlos said…
Haha! yeah make them 'pay' you for the trouble :)

Welcome back!

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