Retooling and Tweaking

When 2012 ended, I pretty much had my plan worked out. I was to save as much as I could and go on extended maternity leave to tend to Bean. But then a couple of curveballs were thrown my way which derailed those plans. First, I received a lot of hand me downs from my sisters in law and friends, so I didn't have to spend as much for baby stuff, and then I got promoted at work, which meant more disposable income, but at the same time, I would have to say goodbye to my prolonged maternity leave.

And so because I now know that I don't have to save as much anymore, I have been a little too trigger happy with my spending. Who's going to Boracay late this year and Hanoi early next year? That would be us. Also, who's planning to go to the US for her cousin's wedding? That would be me.

Aside from those trips, we also plan on having Bean baptized in Biliran (where I was also baptized) and spending his first birthday in Plantation Bay, Mactan. Oh yes, my itchy feet are ready to wander again.

So now that I have months of travel-related planning ahead of me (the best thing about traveling IMHO), it's time to tweak our financial goals.

When the year started, I slashed my investment budget by half, thinking that we needed to save up because of my impending maternity leave. But with no half year hiatus in sight, I might as well go back to my usual budget. Although considering how high the index has risen these past few weeks, I think I'm better off just setting aside my budget in anticipation of a market correction.

Also, if there was anything I picked up from the Truly Rich Club Wealth Summit, it's that entrepreneurship is the fastest way to becoming rich. My hubby and I are toying with the idea of a little side business which will put his interest in car restoration to good use. I won't say much about it for now, but my part in this business  is to raise the capital and that means running a tight budget and seeing where cuts can be made to funnel cash into our business fund. We can do this hubs! 

Sometimes I think that God smiles impishly when we plan too much and that he takes great joy in snapping his fingers for situations to materialize that will set our plans awry. But I'm one step ahead of you God, because what you did entails a new set of plans to mull over and draw up. And guess who's happy with the idea of more planning and scheming? Me. 

Sige na, I'm such a nerd.


Carlos said…
Hey, good luck and congrats in advance on that side business! :D

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