Takeaways from the Truly Rich Club's Wealth Summit

Truth be told, I can't remember any particular moment that stood out for me during last week's Wealth Summit. However, I do remember feeling all warm and fuzzy inside because I was surrounded by like minded people who were clearly enjoying the festivities.

More than a workshop or seminar, the Wealth Summit actually took on a fiesta atmosphere, and became a celebration of camaraderie, hard won successes and faith.

The speakers shared their life stories and I was particularly struck with Steve Tamayo's tenacity. There's a guy who will never go hungry and who deserves every bit of success he enjoys. Miriam Quiambao's testimony was also interesting because I always thought that she had everything going for her, and there she was talking about willing herself to die on her mother's couch.

The testimonials were meant to inspire and prod all of us to work on our own success stories, and while I appreciated the roster of speakers and the positivity permeating the venue, I could only take so much inspiration. Maybe it was just me, but from a learning point of view, I felt I was shortchanged. Although, I came out of there bursting with inspiration, but added learning? Not so much.

And so for the second day, when I saw that the topics were mostly about entrepreneurship, I turned over my ID to my brother who eagerly snapped it up, moreso when he learned that lunch and snacks were catered by Via Mare:p

At the very least, I now know that bird's eye view discussions are not for me, and I would rather go for seminars with specific topics. Next up, TGFI (Manila) Bull's Session!


Didi said…
I've never tried those other seminars. I started learning, fixing and my finances seriously when I "enrolled" with the Money Doctors. I really appreciate the personalized plan and service. I used to (and still get) one on one learning sessions, which are tailor fit to my level and pace. I super highly recommend them :) I've learned so much and the testament is in how much my money has grown!
Jillsabs said…
The Money Doctors! My schoolmate Issa used to be part of that. I think I'll check them out as well, to get a professional assess our financial efforts.
Carlos said…
Wow, and to think it's one of the more expensive seminars.

But then, the food does sound delicious!:D

Wait, I think I heard about a 'wealth expo' last year? in moa or smx? That's different right? Not the same as this?
Jillsabs said…
I'm not familiar with that wealth expo you're talking about. Although I do remember that my insurance agent participated as a speaker in a wealth expo last year, maybe that's it?
Didi said…
Melissa? If yes, I do know her too :) Yes, do get in touch with them as you might have some opportunities there
Anonymous said…
somehow i find it saddening to find bo sanchez spearheading a "how to get rich" seminar. i can't reconcile it from the kerygma bo sanchez i grew up with. he now reminds me of the other televangelists who are up there for a quick buck.
Jillsabs said…
I actually find this transition from his poor missionary days to a wealth inspirational speaker to be a good course of action.

As a missionary, he was surrounded by spiritually and materially poor people and no matter how much you preach about the love of God, it won't do a lot of good if your target audience's stomach is empty and has lost all hope for a better future.

I think it's laudable that he shares his knowledge about wealth creation to anyone who cares to listen. And unlike televangelists or other self-proclaimed money experts, there is no conflict of interest when he recommends a stock because he's not affiliated with the company or the brokerage firm.

Although I can imagine that he makes quite a killing with his books and seminars.
Unknown said…
Hi Jill :) instead of attending his seminars, I would recommend for you to read his book instead:

8 habits of the happy millionaire.

It's not his famous book. But in my opinion, that would already teach you financial management the Filipino way :) Sa lahat ng sinulat niya, yan lang ang book na gusto ko.

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