Unsexy is the New Sexy

I'm sad to say that investing in stocks and mutual funds don't excite me that much anymore. Which is not to say that I've earned heaps and buckets of cash since I started investing last year, and the thought of stockpiling cash leaves me sleepy. It's just that everything now runs right on schedule, with monthly investments sent in with machine-like precision, so much so that it's no longer as exciting as it used to be.

Although when you think about it, as a long-term investor, this is exactly how it's supposed to be. Allotting money to my different investment vehicles on a monthly basis regardless of what happens to the market, and no quick sells or pouncing on tips. Just straightforward accumulation of boring, ho-hum stocks from well-established and conservative companies. Nothing sexy about that.

But this stodgy way is what will fund Bean's college education and set us up for retirement. So even if the wild and wanton passion has settled to something akin to spending Saturday nights in our pajamas, you can be sure that I will still stay the course.

For now though, I'm channelling my efforts at coming up with a workable budget, since for all my talk of financial responsibility, we don't really have a firm budget to guide our spending. Instead, I consider the month a success if I am able to fund my investments, if I add some cash to our emergency fund and if my revolving fund account doesn't go below a certain amount. And I'm usually able to achieve that, but ever since I started listing down our daily expenses, I realized that there are so many more areas that we can still improve on (i.e. eating out). So that's something that's keeping me occupied these days.

Anyhoo, just some random rambling on a Friday night. Was supposed to go out and review a nail salon for Kikay Exchange, but found myself too tired after work to actually make it to the salon. Konting kembot na lang and Bean will be here, turning our coosome twosome to a more rambunctious three.


Carlos said…
Hay... I'm in the same boat too... need to have a better picture of our budget, investment fund for college education, and projecting our and preparing a better budget expenses after our daughter is born...

Exciting... but hopefully becomes boring very soon :D

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