Four Steps to Financial Strength

When it's laid out like this, obtaining financial freedom seems so easy to achieve. And when you think about it, it really is.

From experience, Step 1 (1) is the most difficult hurdle to overcome in your journey towards financial freedom. Because once you  begin living well below your means, that usually means that you've conquered your inner demons that lead to overspending (i.e. spending to keep up with the Joneses, emotional spending etc.), and that you are now ready to take control of your finances.

Based on that chart I am 3.5/4 compliant with Step 1, finished with Step 2 (although I'm thinking that I may be underinsured and probably need to step up my coverage), working on Step 3 and still don't need to worry about Step 4 at this point in time.

Four simple steps. Now stop mumbling excuses and finally do something with your finances.

*Image from Journey to your Financial Independence.


Elvin Peria said…
Hi Jill,

Conquering inner demons is a really a hard task. However, if the dreams/goals we have really motivate us, conquering inner demons would be easier.

Another thing is consistency. If we develop a habit of consistently saving, investing, budgeting. It think, those inner demons will shrink its size until it become negligible.
Jillsabs said…
True. If our dreams or goals are well in place, then it will be easier to ignore our demons since we have our eye on the prize.

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