March Cash Expense Report

I hitch with my dad to and from work everyday. But for two weeks last month, he and my mom went to New Zealand to visit my sister, so my husband had the privilege of being my driver. At first, my husband would bring me to work and do his own work in a coffeeshop while waiting for me, but that proved to be counterproductive so he eventually made two treks from Paranaque and Manila everyday, bringing me to work then going home in the morning to work, and then going back again to pick me up.

True love I tell you.

I  dreaded our gas expenses. But I shouldn't have worried about gas because what really skyrocketed last March was our dining out expenses. After the hubby picked me up from work, we would opt to eat out instead of preparing something at home. Besides, he's usually in charge of meals, and with working and the two trips to and from Manila, he would be too tired to cook anything.

Needless to say, I was not excited at all to see how much we spent for March. But the show must go on, so here we go:
  • Grocery - Php6,340
  • Eating out - Php10,930 
  • Gas/ Toll and parking - Php3,800/ Php236
  • Entertainment - Php840
  • Household / Miscellaneous - Php6,427 / Php6,650
Total: Php35,223.00

Surprisingly, considering the circumstances, our March expenses were not that bad after all. I expected a significant jump in our eating out expenses from February, but the difference was only Php2,655. I attribute this to the fact that we made a conscious effort to limit our dinner tab to Php500 per meal and if I didn't bring baon for lunch, then I would eat at the canteen. Also, we really couldn't go anywhere during the holy week because everything was closed and I'm too pregnant to do anything fun, leading to savings.

Another surprise was our gas expenses, which even went down to Php3,800 from February's Php5,300. We actually parked our Grocery Getter (what we call our Hyundai Getz) at my parents' house and used my mom's car (a Honda Jazz) while she was away. But still, we gassed up her car every week so it's not like we freeloaded on it. I swear, keep your showy gas guzzlers, I'll take a fade in the background, gas-tipid car any day.

Our household expense can be broken down into: shopping for house stuff (Php5,000) + laundry (Php827) + cleaning lady (Php600). Breaking down our miscellaneous expenses, we get: baby stuff (crib and mattress protector) (Php4,000) + entertainment (Php840) + party needs (Php1,500) + kikay stuff (i.e. new dress and nail care) (Php1,150).

I hoped to uncover a pattern of spending by now so that I could at least create a monthly budget for us to follow, but as it is, every month seems to bring its own peculiar situation so I can't pinpoint a pattern just yet. And it's the same with April because I'm throwing a birthday party for myself and we're also having some work done in our condo to make way for the baby. Moreover, it's also less than a month before baby makes his presence known, translating to even more expenses.

Maybe I will make a budget for this month after all, if only to see if we can follow it.


Elvin Peria said…
Budgeting is indeed painful for some but I commend you for consistently tracking your expenses.

In our household, we split our budget into three categories: Essential Expense (needs), Financial Priorities (savings and investments) and Lifestyle Choice (wants). We learn this from LearnVest.

We also follow the envelope method. So every month we separate our funds on each categories and eventually sub categories like groceries, bills, etc) and put them on envelopes. This way, we can easily see if we're on track or not.
Jillsabs said…
Good idea on splitting the budget into three categories, maybe I should do that as well. Although my budget already does reflect those categories, even if they're not specified.

I think I'll try out the envelope method as well. As it is, I don't really have a running tally during the month of how we're doing budget-wise and only start assessing our spending once the month is over, which by then is already too late.
Unknown said…
That's a really good idea to keep track of house hold expenses. Even I appreciate Elvin's idea as well.

But Guys I want to share my experience with you that being a home maker I only have to take care of the so called essential expense as explained by Elvin, financial will be taken care by my husband and the third one both of us will be giving decisions.

Time by time the we had confusion in the flow. So my husband has introduced online expense reporting software that has come to my home as a boon and made my life easier.

We really don't have to worry about our unnecessary which was happening earlier with us.
@Ellis I'm using a spreadsheet to track my expenses. Thank you for introducing the online expense reporting software. I'm going to give it a try.

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