The reason for my absence from the blogosphere is that tiny guy up there.

Meet my son :)

His hobbies include sleeping, drinking milk, pooping, peeing and looking at everything and everyone warily through his puffy eyes.

My short term goal is to fatten him up and to get him to sleep through the night before I go back to work in about two months. However, beyond that, I'm taking it a day at a time and seeking help and advice from wherever they may come, usually from my mom, sister and sisters-in-law. Having a great support group is really priceless at a time like this.

So there you go, the bun in my oven has finally decided to pop out and see the world.


cris said…
Hello, little Bean! :)
He is so cute! Congratulations! :)
Carlos said…
Ang cute cute! :D
cutie. :) congrats ms jill.
Jillsabs said…
Thanks everyone! :)
Startup Mommy said…
Congrats to the new parents!
Jing-Jing said…
Congratulations po! very cute baby! :)

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