May 2013 Budget & Financial Goals

In my last post I wondered whether or not to account for every single peso that we spent on every month. After some thinking, I decided against it (too tedious!) and just included the expenses that tend to vary every month (i.e. electricity, groceries, eating out etc), and not the fixed expenses. And with that basic ground rule, I also decided not to include the amount I allot to savings (house improvement and emergency funds) and investments (stocks, insurance and mutual funds) in my chart since they likewise don't change every month. I am including my PAG-IBIG mortgage payment under debts though, since I want to pay it off ASAP and intend to pay off more than the minimum every month and have the excess applied to the principal.

This month, our biggest expense will be my hospital bill for bringing Bean into this world. With my benefits from Philhealth and being a doctor's kid, my mom said to prepare around Php10,000 but I'm allotting Php15,000 for good measure.

After I give birth, we'll be moving in my parents' house for about a month and so some of our expenses will go down, but the hubs and I intend to share in their household expenses nonetheless. No to freeloaders!

This month's goals are as follows:
  • Give birth :)
  • Breastfeed
  • Use cloth diapers
  • Find a stay-out nanny for when we go back to the condo in June
  • Open a savings account for our house renovation fund
  • Go back to my original monthly investing budget
Alright, I now have my ducks in a row. Let's go May!


Carlos said…
Advanced happy birthday to Bean! :D
Jillsabs said…
Thanks! I hope he pops out soon. Mommy is tired and the heat isn't helping any.
Patrick said…
Good luck with your goals this month. The opening of a savings account for your house renovation fund is a good idea.

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