Suze Orman Back in Manila!

I love, love, love Suze Orman! In fact, it was her Ask Suze show that began my journey towards learning more about and taking control of my personal finances. 

 I remember channel surfing and seeing this woman taking a call about whether or not it was a wise decision for this pregnant lady to buy an orthopedic mattress. The woman, who turned out to be Suze, went over the lady's numbers and concluded that she had way too much debt, did not have enough liquid savings and was already into her 8th month of pregnancy so not only could she not afford the mattress, she also didn't need it anymore, since she used her pregnancy as an excuse to justify purchasing the mattress. I was hooked.

Suze Orman's coming back to Manila next week thanks to BPI! I would love to go but (1) that's my 40th week and would probably be up to my elbows tending to Bean by then and (2) I'm not invited. You can actually try to score invites by sending an email to BPI, but I don't think that will guarantee a seat since I'm sure tons of people would love to go. I left the newspaper ad in my parents' room and I'm too lazy to waddle my way over there to get it. I promise to update this post in the morning. (Update: I couldn't find the newspaper with the ad anymore. Sorry!)

Anyway, I hope that they show her talk on TV or online. I love you Suze!

Some Suze trivia. Those gold earrings she has on are her only pair of earrings and she used one purse for years before her girlfriend took pity on it and bought her a new one.


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