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This simple rule from Suze Orman pretty much sums up how I want to live my life: Live below your means but within your needs, and get as much joy out of saving as you do spending. 

The living below your means part is de riguer in any personal finance discussion, but the "within your needs" aspect is something that got me thinking. There is a marked difference between a "need" and a "want", and anyone who can't tell one from the other is probably deeply mired in debt because of it. But I believe that treating yourself to a little piece of luxury every now and then can likewise be categorized as a need, otherwise, you'll only be existing and not living.

I think that little luxuries can be seen as soul food, it might not be something that your corporeal self needs to survive, but they do keep your spirit going, giving you inspiration when you need it.

Am I making any sense? Or am I just justifying my planned purchase of a new pair of Havaianas slippers when I still have a perfectly serviceable pair?

Anyhoo, as always Suze Orman hit it right out of the ballpark when she urged Filipinos to save more and to start investing. So while I will buy a new pair of Havaianas slippers as a replacement to my 5 year old (!!) pair, I will forego those Goose Station coupons since not only do I need to lose my pregnancy paunch stat, I can also think of so many uses for the Php3,000 that those 2 coupons will cost us. Between a Php700 and Php3,000 luxury, I think I'm better off with the former.

Alright, will stop rambling now. I'm just waiting for the baby to wake up so I can give him his bath. Wake up babycakes!


Carlos said…
Yes!!! Little luxuries every now and then are part of (a financially disciplined) life.

I'm just tired of totally skimping on luxuries and squeezing out every last peso of savings. Personal finance isn't about sacrificing, it's about making smarter choices.

(P.S. Remember to enjoy it when they sleep a lot. And no, I won't ruin the fun of discovering what else is in store:)

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