June 2013 Budget and Goals

Ok, so it seems a little anti-climactic to publish this month's budget and goals with only 9 days left to go before the next month kicks in, but humor me will 'ya?

For this month's budget I did not have to set aside money for hospital and household expenses. The hospital expense is pretty obvious but for the household expense, I decided to do away with the category altogether because it's quite vague to be honest. I don't really know what it constitutes, so off it goes.

I'll talk about the Php10,000 miscellaneous expense soon because it's best if I shut my trap for now.

This month's goals, some of which I have already accomplished:
  • Breastfeed exclusively
  • Store breastmilk
  • Blog regularly again for my 3 sites
  • Resume freelance work
  • Get back on the couch to 5k program
Three weeks left before I go back to work. Ayoko :(


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