Round-up of May Budget and Financial Goals

 I was dreading coming up with last month's budget report, but it actually didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. Yay!

The hubs and I stayed at my parents' house about a week before I gave birth because my mom wanted to monitor my diet as I had already put on 40lbs by then, 5lbs above the maximum allowed weight gain (and perhaps she saw our usual monthly restaurant expenses?:p). This accounted for the lower grocery and gas expenses. As always, we went over budget with our restaurant expenses but notice that it was only by Php1,130 and that's because I gave birth on May 15 and was under house arrest for the rest of the month and even for the first few weeks of June. Simply stated, it was because of a circumstance beyond our control that gave us our first acceptable restaurant expense.

We stayed rent-free at my parents' but we gave extra to the helpers, a bonus for the additional work because of our presence. I placed that expense under miscellaneous. Also under miscellaneous was our share in the electricity bill and the lunch we sponsored for the doctors and hospital staff who looked after me and Ace a.k.a. Bean.

Speaking of doctors, we paid absolutely nada as doctors fees when I gave birth last month. However, I did end up delivering Ace via caesarian section, so instead of the Php10,000 projected by my OB-mom, we ended up paying Php17,000. That Php17,000 represents the hospital fees net of Philhealth subsidy. With the doctors' fees, we probably would have paid an additional Php50,000. Once again, hooray for being a doctor's kid!

I already foresee that this month's budget will be our best ever, this time because I'm exclusively breastfeeding Ace and am basically tethered to him day and night, so goodbye to eating out as often and to mall runs.

As for last month's goals, this was how they panned out:

  • Give birth- Check!
  • Breastfeed- Check! Although we had a tumultuous start, I am now exclusively breastfeeding my baby. Oh the savings that the boob juice brings (approximate Php4,000- Php5,000 per month. Formula is very, very expensive!)
  • Use cloth diapers- Nope. After about a week of using cloth diapers (although not exclusively) I had to use disposable diapers because I have absolutely no time to wash cloth diapers. When we get a yaya for Ace by next month, I'll bring out the cloth diapers once again. Diaper expenses are Php240 for 5-6 days.
  • Find a stay-out nanny for when we go back to the condo in June- Nope. But we do have a yaya lined up for July, although she'll be living in my parents' house and the hubby will bring Ace there everyday while I'm at work.
  • Open a savings account for our house renovation fund- Check! But the house renovation plan keeps on changing! I swear it's so frustrating. Now, the hubby doesn't want to get the next door unit anymore and just wants to fix up our current unit. I'm through making renovation plans. The house renovation fund will now be named as the house equity fund, to be used when we move to a bigger place, whenever that may be.
  • Go back to my original monthly investing budget- Check!


Carlos said…
Ace Bean-tura! :D heheh

Sorry, I just had to blurt that out...

...We stuck with disposable diapers ourselves, I wasn't really thinking of the cost, there was just a lot to do, and it seemed like the most efficient way...

Jillsabs said…
Cloth diapers are efficient and easy to use if someone else does the washing for you:p

Unknown said…
Hiiii sis! :) Congrats with your little one, enjoy motherhood!

I do hope you give cloth a try again. Although we do have someone to do the laundry and we have a fully automatic washing machine hehehe

And finally, I just can't resist...the math is a bit off :p
Jillsabs said…
Hi sis!

Glad of you to drop by my site :)

Regarding cloth diapers, I will use them again when we get a yaya this July. I really don't have the energy at the moment to add washing diapers to my current temporary SAHM lifestyle. Supermom I ain't:p

And thanks for the heads-up regarding my table! I fixed the sums na.

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