Emergency Fund = Hello Cebu!

Our July budget is pretty much shot with our surprise Cebu trip to visit my ninong in the hospital, but thank goodness that those expenses are covered by either our emergency funds or the cash in my work ATM which I never got around to withdrawing during my maternity leave.

I remember when my lolo died two years ago. It was a few days before holy week and so ticket prices were astronomical! As in a round-trip ticket to Tacloban was Php8,000 from the usual Php3,000-Php4,000. We didn't have Php16,000 lying around that time and I was wary about incurring credit card debt after just wiping them out, so Gary ended up staying in Manila while I went to Biliran with my family for my lolo's burial.

Fast forward to recent times and I didn't think twice about charging our tickets to Cebu because I knew that we had it covered. For the nth time, thank goodness for emergency funds.


A testimony that saving up for emergency fund is worth it!

Say hi to Cebu for me! :D
Saving for an emergency fund is really helpful. The most recent we touched our emergency fund was when my wife got hospitalized. I was able to be there for her throughout our stay in the hospital. Having no emergency fund, I guess, there will be times that I'll be out to look for money (or ask for a loan) and she'll be alone.

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