July Budget and Goals

It's now safe to talk about last month's mysterious Miscellaneous expense because the party we were planning for my mom's 60th birthday is no longer pushing through.

For the past two months or so, my family has been putting together a surprise party for my mom. Every sib, save for the youngest, was to contribute Php10,000 for the party expenses and my share was supposed to be June's miscellaneous expense. Unfortunately, my mom's brother-in-law suffered a heart attack two days ago so the Cebu peeps will no longer be able to come. And knowing that my mom might go to Cebu if his condition worsens, my dad decided to just scrap the party since if her sisters won't be able to make it, then there's no reason to hold the party.

True enough,  my mom's in Cebu now to visit her sister and brother-in-law, and the hubby and I are also going to Cebu on Monday after our son's baptism on Sunday. Incidentally, Ace's baptism costs will be lumped under this month's Miscellaneous expense together with the furniture and bedsheet we bought last week, while the airline tickets will be settled on August since I charged them to my credit card.

Back to the party. My sister and I paid Php20,000 as downpayment and we will be able to get Php10,000 of that back since the cancellation was done more than three days before the party. The remaining Php10,000 will be considered as some sort of deposit and can still be used on any party or gathering until the end of the year. We've asked if we can use the Php10,000 in the clubhouse restaurant instead and hopefully the management agrees.

Moving forward, this month's goals are:
  • Find a yaya for the baby.
  • Comply with the Kasambahay Law requirements.
  • Start a travel fund for Project Tuscany.
  • Lose 5 lbs.


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