Goal Keeping

I'm not sure if anybody noticed but I decided to do away with publishing our monthly household budget altogether. First, it was getting to be too tedious to come up with a chart and second, the months of keeping tabs has revealed that our restaurant expenses is what sorely needs improvement, while all the other categories are fairly predictable. Besides, there was really no ultimate goal like paying off debts that kept me motivated enough to continue the monthly budget (what a problem to have no?).

What I do want to add to the site though is a counter of some kind to track our progress with building up our emergency and house equity funds. Maybe I'll get those thermometer looking counters? What exactly are those called anyway?

So far I have squirreled away 68.5% of our target amount for our emergency fund, while the house equity fund is still at a paltry 6%. We want to move to a bigger place in 2-3 years time so I guess there goes my Italian honeymoon fantasy for our fifth wedding anniversary? Oh well, moving into a new house is also a great anniversary gift :)


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