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Saturday is usually my day for sleeping in and puttering around the house, but last Saturday saw the hubs and I making a quick dash to my parents' place to drop off the baby with Yaya Sheila and then heading off to BGC Taguig (or Makati?:p) for the Sun Life sponsored seminar Marriage & Money.

It was my first time to attend a seminar by Chinkee Tan and let me tell you that that guy is fuhneee! Truth be told, his material wasn't exactly groundbreaking stuff and you can easily find the same information anywhere, but his delivery was so entertaining. Must have been from his Hawi Boys training during his younger years.

I don't have the complete list because I misplaced my notes (naks, serious!), but I think every couple should heed Chinkee's simple money rules for husbands and wives. The rules as I remember them are: (1) Do not hide extra income from your spouse; (2) Do not hide debt from your spouse; (3) Consult with each other on money matters etc. These are actually very basic precepts that stem from respecting your spouse, yet a lot of us forget these and that's when trouble ensues. 

The quadrant of wealth is also something that deserves attention. The quadrant goes: Create -> Handle -> Grow -> Protect. First step is to create money. Second is to handle money (sorry but I can't remember now how Chinkee explained that part). Afterwards, grow your money through investments and then protect yourself and your family with life and health insurance. Easy-peasy.

My hubby was there primarily to indulge me, since he knows I like this kind of stuff, but after the seminar, I was surprised when he suggested that we sign up for one of Chinkee Tan's full day seminar! Looks like somebody really enjoyed himself and wanted some more.

The good news is, Marriage & Money will have a repeat on September 28, 2013, same time (10am to 12 noon) and same venue, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Net Lima Building 26th St, BGC Taguig City. You can register through Seats are limited so be smart and act now. I promise you won't be disappointed and you'll get a free breakfast set pa with your choice of coffee! Yum.

Thanks Sun Life!


I saw one of his interviews long time ago and, you are right, he is entertaining. I love hearing other people's version of the same idea so ok Lang if I heared the same infos from other sources. Some ideas and tips are nakakasawa but hearing from other people, like Chinkee Tan? Oks na Oks!
Doinksky said…
Hi. I'd just like to verify the email ad where i can register for the seminar. I tried to send an email but i received a mailer daemon failure notice.
I am very much interested to join.
Jillsabs said…
Hi Doinksky,

The email address in my post was what was indicated in the cards they gave away during the event, so I don't know why you received an error message.

You can also try booking a slot with, she was the one who got in touch with me. Just explain how you came to have her email.

I hope you can still score a seat :)

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