BPI More Fun Prepaid Card

I signed up for a BPI Visa More Fun card because it was cute and I needed a visa card to buy tickets to Wicked, which I planned on paying by installment. Unfortunately, in my happiness at getting my hands on a Visa card, I neglected to see that it was a prepaid card or a debit card. Goodbye paying for tickets on installment basis!

Now I'm thinking twice about picking up the card because I really don't need a debit card or clutter up my wallet with another card, besides, the prepaid card costs Php250 and that's Php250 too much for something I won't be using.

Anyway, while I don't need a prepaid card in my life, I can imagine that it would be useful in the following instances:
  1. If you're on a very strict budget and have undertaken to only spend a specific amount every month.
  2. For your child's allowance, since it will teach him/her to budget from a young age.
  3. To prevent fraudulent transactions because with a prepaid card, you can load it only when you need to, preventing unauthorized charges.
In case you're interested in the BPI Visa More Fun prepaid card, here are its salient features:
  • The card is valid for 18 months
  • It is accepted locally or internationally wherever Visa is honored
  • It functions like a credit card, does not require a PIN for transactions
  • It does not require a maintaining balance
  • You can transfer money electronically from your existing BPI account to your prepaid card, or through over the counter deposits
  • You can load a maximum of Php100,000 per month
As for Wicked, I don't think I'll be watching it since I've already seen it and my hubby's not really interested, so it's definitely not worth spending Php7,000 ++ on. Or so I tell myself :(


Tara Cabullo said…
Torn between this and BDO but I think I like this more :D
Jillsabs said…
The personalized design made the difference no?:p

I know I was invited to the launch of the BDO visa prepaid card but I have no idea what it offers. But I bet it's pretty much the same as BPI's prepaid card.

A great prepaid Visa card is Unionbank's Eon. My hubby has been using it for years and it has no expiration date. It's actually been around for years now, way before online shopping took root locally and is mostly patronized by OFWs for their remittances.
Unknown said…
Hi, can I apply for this even if I don't have a BPI savings account?
Jillsabs said…
I think so. But check with BPI na rin to be sure.
Unknown said…
Yes, you can, Fleur. :) You can load this card through BPI counters so it's not necessary to have a BPI savings account. Though, having BPI savings account and loading this prepaid card thru it will be a lot easier. :)

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