Wedding Talk

My second post is up on the Brighter Life website! This time around, I wrote about my takeaways on our many wedding planning booboos. Read about it here and please don't judge me based on my confessions, I promise that I'm no longer as naive and/or financially reckless as I used to be back then.

A very pleasant surprise that landed in my inbox the other day was seeing my name among Brighter Life's must-read personal finance blogs! I swear I was so thrilled to be included in that post that I showed it right away to my husband but I haven't announced it on Facebook yet, kasi baka magpalibre lang ang friends ko...

Just kidding!

Honestly, I suddenly got shy about this little blog being a must-read because people might start expecting relevant posts from this side of the interweb, when all it's really good for is my random musings on all things money related.

Anyway, I'll try not to let fame affect me...nuhks naman!

Thanks to the Brighter Life Team for believing in whatever it is I'm doing with this blog!


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