I received news today that my freelance writing gig might be scrapped, it's not yet definite but my editor gave me the heads up, just so that I won't be caught unaware.

The income from that gig is where I source my investment and travel funds from. It's essentially a healthy buffer that allows me the freedom to not account for every little item bought and even splurge on a fancy meal or a new pair of shoes every now and then. But it also takes a lot of time, time that I would rather now spend with my son or puttering around the house and kitchen.

My income from my day job accounts for 100% of our expenses, with still a little wiggle room leftover because we don't really have a champagne and caviar lifestyle, while my husband's earnings as a freelance web developer is added to our savings and investments. With my writing gig gone, we have to be more careful with our spending and impulse purchases have to be a thing of the past. Challenge accepted!

I'm also now thinking twice about getting my brother's unit because I expected my writing gig to cover that extra expense (i.e. monthly amortization and installment payment of the lump sum to my parents). Besides, the extra space will just seem like a curse if we're always overdrawn every month trying to pay for it.

And so what I thought were concrete plans are now up in the air once again. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother making plans when something always happens to shake them up. I think it's because I just like making checklists. Yeah, that's it. Checklists rule!


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