Looking Back on My 2013 Financial Resolutions

To be perfectly honest, I almost forgot that I made financial resolutions for 2013 (read post here), but I'm happy to say that despite my forgetfulness, I accomplished all of my resolutions for the year... to some degree.

Here are the resolutions I wrote almost a year ago vis-a-vis my notes on their status:

  1. Bank 6 months worth of expenses as our emergency fund (50% done). - PASS! I actually exceeded my target amount because with our decision to not get the unit next door, the money I allotted for renovations will be transferred to our emergency funds. Although I might set aside some of that cash to start a travel fund for my dream Europe vacation in 2015 to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.
  2. Take out term insurance for the hubby. - FAIL! I got in touch with an insurance agent and she sent over the forms and requirements, but as I went through the list, it became clear that with my husband's pre-existing medical issues, there was no way in hell that he would get approved for term insurance. So rather than going through the numerous medical tests and seeing several doctors, he decided to finally deal with his weight (the root cause of everything).
  3. Start thinking of ways to generate passive income. - FAIL! I could be pilosopo and say that I did THINK of ways to generate passive income, it just so happened that I didn't put any of them into action just to get a passing grade, but no. That passive income issue is still very much out there.
  4. Put together an informal basic personal finance session for friends. - PASS! Cake and Personal Finance was so fun and well received that I'm planning another session for the first quarter of next year, only this time, I'm holding it in the south for my convenience.
Next post will be my resolutions for the upcoming year. Merry Christmas everyone!


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