My 2014 Goals

In no particular order whatsoever, this is my to-do list for 2014:
  • Reduce mortgage by at least Php100,000.00 (current amount is Php629,406.89)
  • Start a travel fund for our 5th wedding anniversary trip to Italy (goal is Php80,000)
  • Become a registered financial planner
  • Finish a 5k race
  • Finish a 10k race
  • Be more consistent in using social media to promote blogs
And that's that. Nothing like coming up with a short and doable list to start the year right.

Please be nice to all of us 2014! No more Yolandas and Janets thankyouverymuch.


golda said…
when you're ready, i'll send you my italy travel tips :)

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