The Importance of Financial Mistakes

An interesting conversation with my officemate today brought up the topic of financial mistakes and how we both couldn't believe what we threw our money at when we first started working. She had her concerts and eating out, while I had my impulse shopping purchases and eating out. And travel, oh yes, how we both loved to travel!

She lamented her spendy past because it didn't bring her closer to her ultimate goal of being a billionaire. I admitted that I also regretted my mall rat ways, but wouldn't change a thing because without that stage in my life I would not have exorcised my poor student self and would have continued spending on frivolous items. Really, you need to hit rock bottom so that you can internalize the change that needs to happen.

Living vicariously is well and good sometimes, but when it comes to the important stuff like embracing a frugal lifestyle and calling bullshit on the marketing coven, you need to get in there and experience it first hand. And what better way to make the lesson stick than to actually have to claw your way out of the financial hole that you yourself dug in the first place.

So go ahead and spend like there's no tomorrow. Snap up every must-have item paraded before you by celebrities, bloggers, your friends etc. etc. You only live once right?

When the dust settles and you find yourself fed up with all of the mindless accumulation, zero savings and the scary realization that you'll be going through the same cycle of spending until the day you die, that is if you still have money to spend in your old age, then you can finally start putting your financial house in order. And because you know how it feels to be walang-wala, you'll be more cautious this time around and be more circumspect with your spending.

At least that's what happened to me. 

If you have somehow found yourself in my neck of the woods, chances are you're already looking into sharpening your personal finance skills so congratulations to you! I promise you won't regret the freedom that comes from knowing that your financial future is secure and taken cared off. Besides, contrary to what the dark ages denizens might say, making money is not sinful at all and is actually, dare I say it, quite fun.


Unknown said…
I've actually never looked at it that way. But you're right. Sometimes the best lessons are from the mistakes we make.
Jillsabs said…
Oh yes, experience is always the best teacher.
frugalexpat said…
I had my shares of financial mistakes. Those were the early years in my working career. Of course I still regret for not starting my investments early but I am also thankful that it happened. I learned in a hard and painful way that I need to be a good steward of my financial blessings.

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