The Ring of Regret

I was so good at squirreling money away into our home improvement fund, reaching 70% of my target amount before 2013 ended. And then we decided not to get the next door unit because staying debt-free was more important than getting my interior decorating fix on (although it also helped that we had access to my mom's empty unit for the baby to move around in so getting additional space was no longer that big of an issue).

I knew that it was the best decision for us, but I was still frustrated nonetheless because I was in a  serious nesting frenzy. It was at this stage that my alahera suddenly showed up at the office offering to design a ring for me. Before you could say impulse purchase, I had signed up for a white gold ring with a solitary diamond, which I paid for using some of the funds from my home improvement fund.

Now I really regret the purchase because even if we didn't get the unit next door, we still had plans of sprucing up our current unit, and what I spent on that ring could have easily paid for window treatments as well as new shelves and bookshelves. Or maybe even take care of a huge chunk of our kitchen budget. Argh!

But my biggest regret with that purchase is that I don't even like rings. If I had bought a necklace or even a watch, my regret probably wouldn't be as deep right now (or I wouldn't even be experiencing regret, to be frank) because I enjoy those. When it comes to luxury purchases, I really believe that it's all about enjoyment, and I am sadly not enjoying my ring.

I don't like how I have to keep on removing it every time I wash my hands (which I do often) and I've already misplaced it twice (!!!). If it had any special significance, I can wear it around my neck on a chain, but as it is, it's just a pretty bauble that I picked up one random day which I now regret doing. 

Maybe I'll have my son's name and birthday etched on it and wear it as a pendant. Or maybe I can have it converted into a disc pendant, like this:

 Hmmm....this ring might have some use to it after all.

But next time na lang, for now, I'm putting my blinders on against shiny objects and focusing all my energy on home improvement matters. So I slipped in purchasing that ring, but I'm back on track and now that I know how susceptible I am to emotional spending, I'm guarding myself against similar scenarios in the future. In the meantime, I am banning my alahera from entering the office :p


Last week, an alahera went to the office offering diamond studs. Ang ganda!!! 6 gives pa. I just sang "tukso, layuan mo ako..." hahaha.
Jillsabs said…
That's my theme song for my alahera as well.

Kayrami nang winasak na tahanan
Kayrami ng matang pinaluha
Kayrami ng pusong sinugatan
O, tukso, layuan mo ako!
Isabel said…
After our temporary maids stole most of my jewelries some 10 years ago, I never again bought another piece, never got tempted again even once. I mean I can take it got stolen, but what really bothered me is knowing much much later that they pawned a 60k piece for 3 thousand! Ang sakit lang realizing na yung value pala ng material things we treasure is actually relative. Yung 60k for me was just worth 3k to another person's eyes. From then on, I lost attachment to material things.
So yeah, I now get it that luxury is not an investment. It's just for enjoyment. Whatever it is, jewelry, bags, shoes, etc. Because the only value it really gives to you is on how much you enjoy having them. An LV bag which costs $2000 in the store is suddenly 0 value once you purchased it. Its value is just the satisfaction/ happiness it would be able to give you, and showing off doesn't count. :)
Jillsabs said…

Very well said :)

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