A Minor Setback

Three weeks into my RFP class and it's becoming more and more obvious that financial planning is so more than just crunching numbers. As one of the speakers said, financial planning is 10% numbers and 90% emotions. With psychology a much better skill to possess than mathematical kungfu powers.

I'll have to be candid and admit that this fazed me because I'm not exactly a people person. I don't go out of my way to meet new people and I suck at small talk. So the reality that this field I'm thinking of entering entails  A LOT of social interaction makes me shudder. 

More than calculating for the time value of money and knowing what investment vehicles to promote, I think my biggest challenge as a future financial adviser will be empathizing with my client or at least not to let my real feelings show. Because if someone tells me that she needs another designer bag and justifies such purchase as an investment, it will take a superhuman effort on my part not to roll my eyes.

Clearly, aside from being more social, I also have to work on the judgey part. 


MikeB said…
Yes, you can never really count out the human aspect of financially advising people. It's always a constant juggle of the technical parts and empathy.
Lyn Lyn said…
All the best, Ate Jill. I know you will make it thru and will be among the best financial advisers in PH!:)

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