For Shame RCBC!

For the record, let me just say that I love RCBC Bankard as a credit card provider.

First, it was the only bank that sent me a credit card when I started working, after 3 banks denied my application. Strangely enough, I never even applied for a credit card with RCBC (which reinforces my belief that banks pass around their clients' information among themselves). Second, I love how RCBC sends me an alert every time I use my card for an online purchase and when they notice a suspicious transaction, like the time I used my card when I went to the US. Lastly, for some reason I am now some sort of a preferred client so I was sent an unsolicited Visa credit card, I was offered a special loan rate and I get all sorts of promotional materials just because I'm their favorite person. Wowowee.

But despite my love for RCBC, I must speak up against its offensive TV commercial. 

In a nutshell, the kid is ashamed of being seen in his dad's old car, and apparently, that's more than enough reason for the dad to take out a car loan. And with the new car, the kid is now all smiles and is ready to face his crush.

Where do I even begin?

Why is RCBC teaching children to be materialistic? Since when is driving an old, but perfectly serviceable car, something to be ashamed of? I bet the next set of commercials will be about mortgaging your house just to be able to buy new clothes and catch that cute guy's eye. Yes, it's that shallow and insipid.

They make it look cute, and the way the kid can now wave to his crush while riding in his new car, is supposed to make us smile at the adorableness of it all, but really, it's revolting.

I pray that my son doesn't grow up equating his self-esteem with shiny and new things, and if he does, I'll be sure to give him a good whack on the head to set him straight.


Omg! I can punch someone in the face! Let them read The Millionaire Next Door!

I, for one, hate those misleading advertisements esp those pampaputi. Hehe. I kinda dislike local artistas who promote "white skin is beautiful". It's just me.
Anonymous said…
It's the advertising agency that probably proposed this TVC, passed through the marketing people at RCBC, appealed to their senses (and looked seemingly aligned to their values) and got approved.
James said…
Hello Jillsabs. I haven’t seen the ad yet but I also think this ad is sending out the wrong message. I don’t think the target market for this ad will fall for this. I personally will prioritize on my daughters future. RCBC is encouraging people to keep up with the jonses. I am also a RCBC criedit card holder since 2008 and I like the service they provide but I will never teach my daughter to tie her self esteem with the materials things she owns or to apply for a loan just to buy something to raise her self esteem. I would rather teach her to stay away from debt, save and invest her money.
Jillsabs said…
Yeah, I also hate marketing campaigns that tell you that you can be prettier, smarter, more attractive if you try X product.

Anonymous said…
hello...natawa lang ako sa last paragraph mo, to which I quote,..."I pray that my son doesn't grow up equating his self-esteem with shiny and new things, and if he does, I'll be sure to give him a good whack on the head to set him straight."...-----harsh,pero syang nararapat para magising at magtino ang bata sa nararapat....consider me as one of your readers from now on

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